Sunday, October 16, 2011

New thing #2: Corn Maze

I've been to several pumpkin patches and haunted hayrides over the years, but never walked through a corn maze. So as the sun was setting over a beautiful autumn sky, we headed to Bowers Farms in Bloomfield Hills. They have 3 separate mazes, each containing 6 checkpoints. You can play a game by finding clues at the checkpoints that will help you solve a "crime" against poor Farmer Joe, who apparently was the victim of an Animal Farm uprising. A downpour the previous day had turned parts of the mazes to muck. The sun had set by the time we got there, which made it more challenging. It's really hard to see muck in the dark.

We began with the llama-shaped intermediate maze. I mostly followed everyone around singing the Llama Song until we found the checkpoints, where my job was to use a hole punch to mark off the clues on our game card. We navigated through pretty quickly and moved on to the advanced maze. This one sort of resembled a dog wearing a hat. My sense of direction is usually quite good, but trying to make your way around in the dark while avoiding Stephen King's corn children is pretty challenging. My sister and I distracted ourselves taking really bad pictures with our camera phone while the rest of the gang looked for elusive checkpoint #6. We finally found it with a little help from Sis, who took a photo of the checkpoint map. The crime was solved; it was time to relax with a little hot cider by the bonfire before heading home.

So that was my corn maze adventure. It was fun, but I probably won't go again. And I'll leave you with some random observations:
  • Hardly anyone can resist making the goat noise when they see baby goats. 
  • The Post Bar runs a shuttle bus to this corn maze.  Really?  That's a good idea?
  • Corn fungus is as gross on the corn as it is in a tortilla as huitlacoche
  • This is what I look like when I'm lost in a corn maze:


    1. There was a story on the news the other night about a couple that actually called the police because they were lost in the corn maze!! Lmao isn't that the idea? Haha
      Im Glad you got out of there and didn't have to call 911!

    2. Next time go to a Haunted Corn Maze. A lot more fun.

    3. Thank you for not naming me "Sissy".

    4. Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama GOAT

    5. The Llama that's one tune I never heard before! That's FUNNY!! I'm glad you were able to make your way out of the maze. So who committed the crime against Poor Farmer Joe? Was it the cat in the corn maze with the knife? Or was it the Llamo in the barn with the lead pipe?? lol

    6. @Barb, I changed your name. I like this one better!

      @Annette, the clue to the criminal is IN the Llama Song - don't let the mystery drive you "Quackers"... but I can't remember the weapon. I guess I'll blame that on old age!