Random things I want to remember for more than 5 minutes

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I saw this photo on the North Texas Vegetable Gardeners Facebook page and I think it's a brilliant idea.  The poster, Kim Anderson Desmuke, gives detailed how-to instructions along with this gorgeous photo. 

Click to read how to grow salad greens right in a bag of potting soil.

  I travel a lot, and currency exchanges won't accept loose coin.  When I get home I throw the coins in a bowl, which is fine until I need change to feed my coffee habit or put air in my tires.  This tip made my life a lot easier!

U.S. coins are not magnetic but others are.  Just swirl a magnet through the loose change to pull out the foreign coins, and the rest goes to the bank!


Seriously considering this idea (from BuzzFeed DIY's site) for my unfinished room when we have overflow guests.  Great temporary solution to cover the subfloor and provide sleeping areas.  There are a lot of online sources for the floor mats, around $1.49 per square foot for 5/8" thick foam.


I'm always trying to find healthier options for lunch at work.  Lately I've been craving a taco salad, but who can afford more than 800 calories and around 40 grams of fat?  So I rummaged through the pantry and the freezer and came up with this version - so good and less than 300 calories!

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