What's that 50 New Things project about, anyway?

This blog was started in October 2011 and was originally called "50 New Things". 

It wasn't a bucket list - I'm not that organized. I had just turned 50 and wanted to celebrate all that life has to offer, good or bad. So I decided to try and experience 50 New Things before my next birthday. There were no rules and no agenda, just a finish line: 10.11.12. And with the help of family and friends I finished them all in less than a year, and blogged about it here. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me, inspired me and cheered me on through my project. Because of you, I made it to that finish line! 

Below is a chronological list of all the new things I tried - but really, the list lives on.  Trying new stuff gets to be habit-forming!

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