Sunday, November 13, 2011

New thing #5: Chocolate Almond Milk

I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle, including making better choices in what I eat.  The label on the carton of Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk said that each serving has 120 calories and 50% more calcium than dairy milk.  That sucked me in.  The best part is that the single serving size comes with a cool little telescoping straw so you can drink it right out of the carton.  The flavor was chocolatey good but the consistency is kind of gummy. It reminded me of when you are mowing through a box of Whoppers malted milk balls and you get one that's all melted inside, so it's just a stale chewy shell.  I hate it when that happens.

Overall this wasn't bad, and at my age the extra calcium is a bonus. But since there are 22 grams of sugar in one 8-oz serving, (which kind of defeats the purpose of eating healthier) I won't be trying this one again.

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