Thursday, December 1, 2011

New thing #8: Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade

I’ve watched a few good parades in my life, but I had never been to one as grand as the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade. These folks give Macy’s a run for their money!

We've watched snippets of the parade on television in previous years, but this time Senior and I met the kids downtown and joined the crowds enjoying the parade in person. It had everything you could want - creative floats, huge balloons, marching bands, beauty queens, goofy clowns and an impressive Santa finale.

We had reserved Grandstand seats in advance. "Grandstand" is a generous term since they were just low metal bleachers, but it was nice to have a place to sit. The crowd was really into the parade, chanting “spin it, spin it” to the balloon wranglers, who complied by rotating those huge inflatables so you got a 360° view.

There was quite a variety of entertainment along the way. My favorites were the kids getting air on the BMX half pipe float while it was moving down the street, and the freakish dancing Big Head Corps. But the best part was my kids' faces as they watched the parade. For a brief time, behind The Boy’s wiry beard and The Girl’s rainbow hair, I could see a couple of little kids from upstate New York watching in wonder.

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