Saturday, January 28, 2012

New thing #17: Perfect Eyebrows

Zip, zip... perfect!
One of the indignities of growing older is when your eyebrow line begins to fade. Hair disappears from the outside and turns a wiry gray on the inside. But those stray hairs that start at the eyelid and sprout up to your hairline? Those never go away. It takes diligence to keep them under control. And with the crop I was cultivating, it was time to call in the pros. 

I've plucked and I've waxed, but today I wanted to try threading. There is a salon near the mall that specializes in this quick process where a doubled strand of thread is twisted across your brow, catching a whole row of those stray hairs and whipping them out by the roots. 

Penny is the fastest eyebrow threader in the Detroit Metro area. She has you help pull your skin tight, grasps one end of the thread between her teeth and rolls the rest around your eyebrows like lightening. The sensation is similar to waxing without that dreaded wait for the wax to be ripped off. And in the time it takes to wax one eyebrow, you are fully groomed and out the door.  Ten dollars, ten minutes, and I was good to go with crisp, clean perfect eyebrows.  Penny recommended I come back in three weeks for a touch up, and admonished me to not touch my brows in the interim.  I will take her advice!

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