Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Facebook Papers: Bonus Chapter

What is the Facebook Project? Well, I hadn't posted anything in a while, and the people who actually read this blog were getting pretty vocal in wanting me to post something. Since nothing was inspiring me to write, I turned to that great bastion of culture and refinement, Facebook, and asked readers to suggest topics that I could blog about.  I have to say, I have some weird Facebook friends. So here is what their suggestions inspired.  Each fb comment is a separate post, in order of response.

This little project was supposed to be complete, but this late suggestion is near and dear to my heart. I waste a lot of hours at the airport waiting to travel somewhere during the course of my job.  There are few things at which I excel more than complaining about it (topped only by my grumbling about the time actually spent on the airplane). And although most of the airports I pass through are updating the decor, I still have to deal with the people and the policies. So without further ado, my own personal top ten list of the worst things about airport travel:

Bonus suggested topic: Airport traveling annoyances

#10:  Walking past the sky lounge and knowing you aren't important enough to get inside.

  #9:  Charging station hogs.

  #8:  When your luggage gets stacked above another suitcase on the baggage carousel and you can't reach it.

  #7:  $5 for a package of sour patch kids and no free wifi.

  #6:  The guy who hovers at the front of the 'elite' boarding line, even though he is seated in Zone 4.

  #5:  Anyone who talks on a cellphone next to me. Text, dammit!

  #4:  Getting stuck behind a rookie in security. Yes, you have to take your shoes off. Aaaand your belt.

  #3:  People who take their shoes off any place else except security (especially the toe-pickers).

  #2:  Bathroom doors that open INTO stalls that are too small to enter with carryon luggage.

  #1:  Getting to Gate F14 after walking for 25 minutes, only to be told that your flight now leaves from B68.

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